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Help Foshan Radio & TV, the fourth largest telecom operator, build high quality optical cable line monitoring system

Publisher: Administrator Date:2021-05-26

Help Foshan Radio & TV, the fourth largest telecom operator, build high quality optical cable line monitoring system

Guangdong Radio and Television Network Co., Ltd. was established in June 2010. It is a modern radio and television network operator that focuses on video transmission and features public information services. The 5G license has been settled in the radio and television network, and the radio and television network has become the fourth largest communications operator.

The Foshan branch is a prefectural and municipal branch of Guangdong Radio and Television Network Co., Ltd., and the scale of users and operating income ranks in the forefront of the province. The Foshan branch makes full use of the advantages of cable TV network resources, accelerates the construction of optical fiber broadband networks, actively promotes the development of cable TV to digital, broadband, high-definition, and two-way development, and improves the level of comprehensive information services.

The surge in users has forced customers to urgently need to improve network service levels. The intelligent optical cable monitoring system can improve the quality of optical cable communication, guarantee the rapid repair of faults, and improve the service level of the optical network. The requirements of the intelligent optical cable monitoring system are as follows:

Through real-time monitoring and management of fiber optic cable resources, it is possible to dynamically observe the degradation of the transmission performance of the fiber optic cable, discover the hidden dangers of the fiber optic cable in time, reduce the incidence of fiber optic cable failure, and realize the "prevention first" strategy.
Accurately locate the fault point of the optical cable, provide real-time reference data for the emergency repair of the fault, and shorten the repair time of the optical cable.
Real-time control of the use of optical cable lines and the status of spare cores, provide spare channels for optical cable failures or optical cable channel switching, and ensure the normal operation of optical transmission services.
Establish a unified network resource management platform to realize the information management of optical fiber line data, routing data, etc.
Realize the intercommunication and sharing of optical cable data in various regions.
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