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TV business solutions

Publisher: Administrator Date:2021-05-26

TV business solutions

The TV payment platform allows users to pay radio and television viewing fees, order and pay for radio and television value-added services through the TV, including: Internet, information services, VOD video on demand, distance education, TV shopping, interactive games, TV (payment) banking, digital Broadcast etc. To meet the needs of the radio and television industry to build its own third-party payment system, serve the two-way interactive users of the radio and television, and realize the payment processing and accounting processing of the radio and television own business and third-party value-added services. Three major portals including TV portal, PC portal and mobile client are formed, and three-screen interaction can be realized for payment business operations. The system adopts a two-level management model, unified management of the provincial (regional) platform, and each city controls its own business by itself, so as to realize the personalized business needs of each branch.

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It fills the gaps in the billing system of the radio and television industry, and is also a strong support and supplement for the integrated broadcasting and control platform. It improves the ARPU value of each user's radio and television brand business and brings considerable economic benefits;
Open up the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, further boost the industrial level, and achieve a win-win situation for all parties;
The innovative business model leads the transformation of the development mode of the triple play TV industry from a video service provider to an integrated service operator;
As an important application of triple play, payment has opened up the transition from'watching TV' to'using TV' and'playing TV'.
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