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Fusible End Type Fiber Optic Connector V.S. Traditional Field Assembly Connector

Publisher: Administrator Date:2021-05-26

As we all know  , traditional  fast connector  have  some disadvantage  below shows  :

1. High loss due to uncertainty of fiber cleaves cut

2. The matching gels  will get dry  after  certain time  , loss will increase

3. Requires skills  worker  to install

In order to solve those problems  , we  research and development a new product ----- Fusible end type fiber optic connector

Next will continue detail introduce our new products : Fusible end type fiber optic connector .

1.Product Introduction : It has the characteristics of simple and quick operation, repeatable production, no glue, no matching refractive index material, no grinding , high long-term reliability and stability,  and its optical and mechanical properties are comparable to those of factory prefabricated optical fiber connector.

2.  Main features:

A, The suitable cable model: 2 x 3 butterfly cable, Ø2.0 and  Ø3.0  indoor optical fiber cable , 0.9 contact lines

B. There is no prefabricated optical fiber and matching refractive index material in the

Product, which is not affected by environmental temperature changes and has high long-term reliability.

C, unlimited times of repeated use, each disassembly performance basically remains unchanged

D, elastic locking structure, protect the fiber from damage

E, double V groove structure design, high precision, excellent stability.

F. The entire assembly process can be seen, and the assembly result can be guaranteed only by the naked eye.

G. Assembly time: < 2min
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